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Gemstones are made of minerals or crystals of various colours, texture and appearance. While these gemstones are carved into fine jewellery and form an integral part of the fashion industry, they are also highly beneficial for self-healing, improving confidence and for achieving success in life. As per Vedic astrology, gemstones can be made to improve or fix the luck of a person based on several calculations and methods, of which the method and calculation based on one’s Moon sign is the most dominant one.

Every gemstone has its own extraordinary energy, aura and vibration that can permeate the aura of the person who wears it in order to usher in positive vibrations, improvement and progress in life. These gemstones are made of both, precious and semi-precious stones, and are considered as a lucky factor if worn as per your Moon sign based on the precise calculation of your date and time of birth. The gemstones or Navratna can be worn in a ring, bracelet, as a pendant or in a locket. Wearing it can help to emanate the positive vibrations from the precious stones, which can help in fixing problems or healing at an emotional or a physical level.

As per Vedic astrology, each gemstone is associated with a planet in the Nava-graha or the ‘Nine Planets’. Hence, wearing the right and accurate gemstone that is lucky for you, as per your Moon sign and the ruling planet can augment positive properties of the Supreme Being’s planetary position and attain blessings.

Gemstones absorb the positive vibrations from its resource planet and emit those upon you. This is the reason why almost all astrologers recommend that you wear one according to your Moon sign and date of birth.

Benefits of the Navratnas or Nine Gemstones

Gemstones have the power to alter your luck and fortune.

If you are experiencing a terrible time or misfortune is something that doesn't permit you to advance in your life, then gemstones could just be the solution to all your problems. It reinforces your benefice planet and limits the negative effects of your life brought about by malefic planetary positions.

These particular gemstones pass on their conspicuous goodness, for instance, controlling your feelings, outrage, and so on.

The advantages and benefits that these gemstones impart

Benefits of Wearing Lucky Gemstones as per Moon sign (Chandra Rashi)

Wearing these gemstones as per your Moon sign is beneficial in many ways.

Impact of the Navratna or Nine-Gemstone Ring

Navratna or Nine Gemstones, as the name implies, are a combination of nine precious gems. The nine gemstones represent planets such as the Sun and the Moon and are found as Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Yellow Sapphire stones, Blue Sapphire stones, Pearl, Garnet stones, Cat’s eye and Coral stones.

When all of these nine gemstones are brought together, they create a positive and unique collaboration in a way that the one who wears it receives benefits in manifold. Therefore, the Navratna is not associated with the negative side of the individual gemstones. When worn together, the navratna (nine gems) create a positive impact for those who wear it. That said, before wearing a Navratna ring, it is highly recommended that you get expert advice as the Navratna ring may not be apt or ideal for a few people.

Since each of the gemstones is linked to a planet, it will have an impact on the person’s horoscope and thus his/her life as well.

The Astrological Implications of Gemstones

The situation of planets in the person’s Birth chart are liable for offering advantage to the one who wears it. On wearing the right gemstone, you get multitude benefits of your ruling planet and moon sign- be it your destiny, career, health, wealth, marriage, business, job, and so forth. By and large it offers success and prosperity to the one who wears it.

According to Vedic Astrology, life on Earth is affected by all the nine planets. At present, the placement of these planets in an individual's horoscope impacts the person for the entire lifetime. Wearing a gemstone gives an astrological parity and advantage to the wearer. Hindu astrology additionally says that the valuable jewels may have both positive and negative impacts on human life thus astrological gemstones must be worn after consulting with an expert Astrologer who has sound information about gemstones and their impact.

Gems should be worn based on your Moon sign or horoscope, whether it is single gem or a combination of many. Based on your sidereal horoscope, gems are worn to harness the properties of the beneficial planets or counter any ill-effects of harmful planets.

In case one is not aware of the precise time of birth or place of birth, the gemstone can be worn after proper consultation to ensure positive impact on the one who wears it.