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Yearly Horoscope 2020

Yearly horoscope 2020

This year, from an easy position on Capricorn, the sign it dominates, Saturn is truly running the show. Focused on success and achievement, Saturn encourages one to follow their dreams and go after what they want. Set your goals. Follow what you had planned because Saturn challenges you to give your best. Are you up for it?

Mars is strong and will help you get where you aimed to go and that too, fast. As Mars started the year in an ambitious, energetic Aries, you can cross out a few things off your list directly in January. The competitive ambiance of Mars in Aries gives you a positive sense of achievement from the beginning.

The cosmic year is not complete without the mention of a period of three pesky regressive Mercury, so do keep a close watch on them in March, July, and November. All of these three cycles immersed in water emotional signs, so that the brawl with the sensitivity will be the norm. Following your instinct will be one of the best ways to get through this year’s regressive Mercury. Simple math – if the feeling is right, it probably is true.

This year, Pluto also visited the hardworking Capricorn. It went regressive between late April and early October, then ended the year going straight. The focus of this transit is to rebuild from the bottom up, which gives you confidence that if you want it that bad and try hard enough to achieve your goals, then nothing is impossible.

What does the yearly horoscope 2020 predict?

The Fire signs- Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The fire signs are driven by excitement, and this year, there is no scarcity. With expansive Sagittarius, Jupiter is out until the beginning of December. Moreover, you get to enjoy the mix of adventure and fun. The advice is to travel and learn from other cultures as much as you can. Venus’, the love goddess, retrograde period is not included, and the aggressive yet passionate mood when he spent time in fire signs (Aries in late April, Leo in the end of July, and Sagittarius in early November). This means? There will be unlimited passion in your love life so enjoy it!

Earth signs- Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The Earth signs use logic more than other signs do, so you'd be glad to learn of Saturn's placement in a homely yet practical Capricorn. This was based on energy that you can connect with, especially when it comes to caring for details. Saturn regresses from late April to mid of September and then the slowdown continues, though while hindering your progress. The expansive Jupiter comes in Capricorn, also realistically, in early December, increasing your desire to learn. Exploring higher education, learning something new, and reading up knowledge-sharing books or journals will help you progress to the next level.

Air signs- Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

The air signs will experience a slow-moving Uranus, which dominated Aquarius. This will make the transition from the slower-moving Aries to Taurus in early March. The harmonious energy (Uranus likes to experiment, while Taurus prefers the traditional route) may obstruct your progress, or delay results from your hard work. Money, which focuses on Venus, moves into Gemini in early June, and presents some great money-making opportunities. Practically, not wobbly, but do keep your eye on the prize.

Water signs- Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

This year, there is big news for water signs. You will host the Mercury regressive cycle, which is Pisces in March, Cancer in July, and Scorpio in November. When your plan hits an obstacle, use your intuition to untangle them. The subtle Neptune is regressive in Pisces between late June and late November, so it can be momentarily interrupted by thoughts. If you have been living in denial, this could be a very shocking awakening for you. After you know the reason, you should get more success in the year.

Now that you have a good idea of what the universe has in store for you, do you want more insights? If yes then check your sun sign readings or horoscope 2020 here for free! Want more information and tips for this coming year? Guess what? The best ones are yet to follow!

The Year 2020 is all set to usher in optimistic changes for all the Sun signs or Zodiac signs. Your 2020 will be replete of happiness, joy and positive vibes.

The 2020 astrology forecasts for Fire signs - Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo – is packed with excitement. The 2020 astrology forecasts for Earth signs – Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo - will experience logical changes. The 2020 astrology forecasts for Air signs – Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius - will be dedicated to progress. The forecasts for Water signs - Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces - will be focused on awakening, which will help them succeed and achieve their goals.

Planetary transits and retrogrades are the common mentions in any horoscope prediction and the year 2020 predictions and forecasts are no different. The 2020 horoscope will highlight the effects of the planetary transits and help you be future-ready to overcome the bad times and embrace the favourable period. When you are aware of what’s coming your way, you will be in a better position to understand and handle situations or even have solutions at hand, proactively. This will in turn help you to remove all the obstacles that can impede your progress. Our predictions will help you out.

New beginnings are always exhilarating and we know that you are more than eagerly waiting for the Year 2020 to arrive. What more? We also realise that you would want to know what’s in store for you in the coming year 2020, what your predictions would read like. Without further ado, Astrokaka presents a detailed reading of your horoscope for 2020.

Here you can find your annual 2020 horoscope by your zodiac sign

Aries Horoscope 2020

As per the Aries horoscope for 2020, you are heading towards something mammoth. This is because of the incapacitated Jupiter along with Mercury and Saturn, which are in Capricorn (the last of the Earth signs) are placed in the tenth house. This unique positioning and alignment highlights that you are on the path to achieving something big, especially on the professional level. Read more...

Taurus Horoscope 2020

Since Saturn sits in Capricorn while Mercury and Jupiter seem a bit weak in the ninth position, there is no reason of worry. In fact, this positioning of planets is in your favour as they seem to be progressing to the full tilt. That said, if you put your heart and soul and work hard towards achieving your goals, you will experience a stark transformation. Read more...

Gemini Horoscope 2020

As per the Gemini 2020 horoscope, from March 23 onwards, Saturn will be transiting through the ninth position. You will experience satisfactions and peace of mind during this transit period. All your efforts that you have been putting in from the start of this year will begin to reap benefits which is what you have been aspiring. And as the saying goes, “hard work always pays dividends.” During this period, your spiritual inclination will become serious and deeper. Read more...

Cancer Horoscope 2020

The Cancer horoscope for 2020 reveals that Mercury along with Mercury and a weak Jupiter are placed in the seventh house. This reveals that there will be a few major changes in your life. As these three planets move together, they seem to be bringing with them challenges that you may have to face. To keep you rooted, you will be reminded, consistently, about the realities of life. Read more...

Leo Horoscope 2020

Your Leo 2020 Horoscope reveals that the Sun (the ruler of the Zodiac) will rule your sign at the start of the year. The amalgamation of major planets is seen to be placed in the sixth house, which indicates that major changes can be expected. With these changes, you will also face newer challenges, either at work or on the financial front. That said, what’s more important is to know that at the end of it, there is nothing lost. Read more...

Virgo Horoscope 2020

For Virgos, the horoscope for 2020 holds good news and this is based on your planetary positions for the year. Predictions of a major development with respect to your personality can be foreseen. Your Virgo 2020 horoscope reveals progressive forces that are working their charm and ones that will keep you very busy. As Mercury comes in Gemini around mid of May, business and career-oriented Virgos will see gains coming their way. Read more...

Libra Horoscope 2020

Major planets - Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter – can be seen in the fourth house, which indicate a major change is in the offing. So, it’s time to get ready and ride on success. Your Libra 2020 Horoscope reveals that everything you had dreamed of might come true this year. Your talent and hard work will pay off and take you places. Things will start looking good on the financial front. It is also predicted that your career will take a leap to the next level. However, you will be reminded that nothing can ever compare to diligence and hard work. Read more...

Scorpio Horoscope 2020

According to your Scorpio 2020 horoscope, you start on a beneficial note this year. Mars - the ruling planet of your sign – is positioned to yield progressive financial and professional growth. There is no more worrying in terms of financial growth and you will be able to handle all the upcoming challenges of life. Major planets; Jupiter and Saturn, along with Mercury, will align with Capricorn. Read more...

Sagittarius Horoscope 2020

The Sagittarius 2020 horoscope reveals that the positioning of planets will play a key role in your progress and personal growth at the beginning of the year itself. Major planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury will enter Capricorn though Jupiter will weaken as it enters Capricorn at the start of the year. All the planets are sited in the second house which is linked relationships and finances. Read more...

Capricorn Horoscope 2020

The Capricorn 2020 horoscope reveals that the planetary positioning at the start of the year will be in your favour. Saturn – the ruler of your zodiac sign – will be aligned with a weak Jupiter and Mercury and they all come together in your sign’s first house. It is the positioning of Mercury and Jupiter that will be in your favour as they denote higher growth. Your patience will improve and social circle will increase, and you will connect with those you were not comfortable with earlier. Read more...

Aquarius Horoscope 2020

The Aquarius 2020 horoscope looks replete with challenges and adventure. Saturn, your zodiac sign’s ruler dominates Capricorn along with Mercury and Jupiter in the twelfth house. This year, this seems to be a tricky positioning for your sign – this means that it will either usher in extreme happiness or throw extreme challenges on your path. You may experience pressure on the financial or professional front this year and your progress slow down than expected. Read more...

Pisces Horoscope 2020

The readings for the Pisces 2020 horoscope reveal that the movement of your planets will determine your success this year. The movement of Capricorn and Mercury at the start of the year indicates that you might receive monetary gains this year. But this will only be possible if you respond to opportunities that knock your door, promptly, with respect to your profession, career and finances. Read more...

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