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Pearl (Moti)

According to Vedic Astrology, Pearl is utilized as a gemstone to improve the power or forces of the Moon. The planet Moon is naturally gentle (saumya) and speaks to the mind (mana-sthiti) of the cosmic man (kalapurusha). A person who has the Moon set well in one's birth chart will be a well-balanced person. Among every one of the nine planets, Moon is the fastest moving one. Thus, the impact of its changing positions is felt by people and all the animals and nature at short stretches.

The marvel of the tides is likewise influenced by the gravitational draw of the moon. Curiously, it practices a comparable impact on the human body as nearly over two thirds of it is water. Recent scientific study has likewise connected lunar cycles and event of respiratory failures.

Moon rules over cancer sign and when seriously positioned or affected by malefic gives infirmities like hypertension, epilepsy, tuberculosis, mood swings, depression, phobias and so forth. The astrology gemstone of the moon is Pearl which is otherwise called ‘Moti’ in the Hindi language. The diseases that have been credited to a severely positioned moon are restored by wearing pearl. The Pearl gemstone is a gift as it presents an answer for disorders of the mind. Pearl offers soundness of the mind and clarity in thoughts.

Pearl gemstone is not suitable for everyone

AstroKaka examines the appropriateness of wearing Pearl stones according to Vedic Astrology for all the twelve ascendants starting from Aries and ending with Pisces.

Can Aries Ascendant wear a Pearl?

For the Aries Ascendant, the Pearl is an apt gemstone since the Moon dominates the fourth house of pleasures, assets and mother. If the pearl is apt for a person, it presents all pleasures identified with the fourth house. Those who have the moon planet in their ascendant, second, fourth, fifth and ninth houses can feel free to wear a Pearl gemstone that is pure and natural.

Can Taurus Ascendant wear a Pearl?

Pearl stone ought to be kept away from Taurus ascendants except if the Moon is placed in the ascendant itself and the individual is positioned during the significant time of the Moon. For the most part, it is seen that in this case, Moon gives issues, for example, common cold and asthma as often as possible.

Can Gemini Ascendant wear a Pearl?

Moon possesses the second house of riches. Pearl gemstone ought to be worn if the Moon is set in the second house in its own sign or in the tenth house in Pisces sign but only in the significant time of the Moon after an appropriate trial period.

Can Cancer Ascendant wear a Pearl?

Moon is the main planet and ascendant Lord in the Cancer Ascendant and is extremely favourable. The Moon placed in the ascendant’s seventh house, ninth house, tenth house, and eleventh house will ensure that Pearl gemstone suits the person. In these positions, the Moon will offer all comforts. Be that as it may, the individuals who have Moon well placed in the fifth House in Scorpio sign must abstain from wearing a Pearl.

Can Leo Ascendant wear a Pearl?

Pearl gemstone ought to be worn if the Moon is in worship in the ascendants’ tenth house. For the most part, it is discovered that the gemstone of the twelfth Lord isn't suitable and apt for people from this ascendant.

Can Virgo Ascendant wear a Pearl?

The Moon turns into the eleventh Lord signifying benefits. It ought to be worn in the Moon's maha dasha if the Moon is placed in the ninth house of destiny or the eleventh house of benefits.

Can Libra Ascendant wear a Pearl?

The Moon turns into the Lord of the tenth quadrant of calling. If the Moon is placed in the third House, fourth house, fifth house, seventh house, ninth house, tenth house, and eleventh house, at that point the Pearl gemstone can be worn in the Moon’s maha dasha.

Can Scorpio Ascendant wear a Pearl?

For the Scorpio Ascendant, the Moon acts as a promising planet since it possesses the ninth ternary of fortune and destiny. Those who have the Moon in the second house, fifth house, seventh house, ninth house, tenth house should wear the Pearl gemstone or birthstone all through their life. Doing so will guarantee achievement in all fields.

Can Sagittarius Ascendant wear a Pearl?

The pearl gemstone must be avoided by the Sagittarius ascendant as the Moon controls the eighth house of misfortunes and mishaps. In this ascendant, it is essential to think about the position of planets Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun. If each of the three are not well positioned, the Pearl gemstone might be considered in the Moon’s maha dasha if it involves the ninth house of destiny. Even so, it is advisable to consult an expert before you wear the pearl.

Can Capricorn Ascendant wear a Pearl?

The Pearl birthstone ought to be worn distinctly in the Moon’s maha dasha if it is placed in the fifth house of greater knowledge in intensification. If there is a proposal for marriage which is getting postponed for no reason then the person can wear Pearl for a short period of time only if it is set in the seventh house, but after consultation.

Can an Aquarius Ascendant wear a Pearl?

Aquarius ascendants must avoid Pearl out and out except if the Moon’s maha dasha has begun and the Moon is well placed in the fourth house in approval.

Can Pisces Ascendant wear a Pearl?

The Moon is a promising planet for the Pisces ascendant by its temperance of being the fifth ternary master of greater knowledge and strategy. If the Moon is put in the ascendant’s second house, third house, fourth house, fifth house or the tenth house, at that point, the Pearl gemstone or birthstone ought to be worn.

When to Wear a Pearl stone?

The Pearl gemstone ought to be worn on a Monday when it is in Pushya Nakshatra. Different star groupings favourable for wearing a Pearl stones are Hastha, Rohini, and Shravana. The Pearl gemstone ought to be worn in a silver ring in the little finger after its sanctification (prana pratishtha).

If these heavenly bodies are not positioning themselves properly during the favourable and apt period of wearing the Pearl, then wear the pearl on any Monday when it is in the Hora of the Moon and the Shukla Paksha Tithi.

The Healing Properties of a Pearl gemstone

The Pearl is an awesome gemstone. It gives a quieting impact and keeps the mind and senses engaged and consistent. It is found to have astounding therapeutic impact on diseases that women generally suffer from. It controls mental uneasiness and emotional episodes in an individual and guarantees that outrage and sadness are levelled out. It enables one to appreciate and acknowledge life.

Ascendants of a sign that have the Moon not placed well in their birth chart and are experiencing awful outcomes in the antar dasha or maha dasha ought to offer rice on Mondays, Worship Chandramoulishvar- which is one the of names of Lord Shiva and one who holds the moon on his temple, wear a Rudraksha with two faces, offer milk mixed with water over Shivalingam every Monday, chant Chandra-Gayathri Mantra and respect mother. This will guarantee prosperity and harmony.

What are the Astrological Benefits of a Pearl Gemstone?

Pearl is an extremely renowned stone which is found in sea beds. It is worn both as adornments and as a stone for astrological advantages. The first pearl stone is an impeccable, smooth, sparkling, round stone. It has a delicate allure and appeal which makes it look extremely delicate and beautiful. It is the gemstone for cancer sign and is associated with the moon.

There are numerous advantages of wearing a Pearl. This stone is known for its mending properties.

Here are a few of the astrological advantages of wearing a pearl stone.

It upgrades the intensity of the planet moon, which signifies delicate quality, beguiling eyes, love, family life, rationale thinking and numerous other beneficial things.

An individual suffering from depression, anger, bad or short temper, hesitation, gloom and precariousness in life is encouraged to wear a pearl. It eliminates the evil impacts of the moon and fortifies the mind and senses.

It helps in alleviating inconveniences during rest. Throat and eye issues, diarrhoea are triggered by the moon. These issues can be diminished by wearing a pearl. It increases the beauty and skin glow in women.

Those for whom pearl is favourable experience a great deal of acclaim, regard, respect, riches, and royal peace. It helps in killing the negative planetary effects on people. It helps in increasing mental acuity and intellectual prowess. It is additionally said that pearl brings favourable luck. It helps in creating concordance among a couple.

Aside from these advantages, a pearl can be worn as a ring, pendant, bracelet, or any accessory, a pearl can be worn in many forms. Choose one that best suits your ascendant after expert consultation.

Please note: Those who are wearing a Pearl gemstone should never wear it with Diamond, Gomedh or Blue Sapphire gemstones.

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