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Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone

The Ruby gemstone is the valuable and important gemstone in Vedic Astrology. Ruby earnedits devoted position since the ancient era and is deemed as one of the most important gemstones because of its alluring red shade and a hardness of 9.00 (Mohs scale).

Ruby is the assortment of Corundum and it gets its red shading from Chromium. Ruby is otherwise also called the ‘Manik’ stone.

Indeed, even the word 'corundum' that is utilized with ruby gemstone has been derived from 'Kuruwinda' (Sanskrit). Even in Sanskrit, Ruby is known as 'Ratnaraj' signifying the 'Lord of all gemstone'.

Ruby is one of the most magnificent gemstones on Earth and comes in colours ranging from crimson red to light pink. Some crystal clear rubies are considerably more valuable than precious stones.

Ruby Gemstone and its Astrology Details

Astrology is an ancient study of foreseeing what's to come. It educates one regarding things that will occur in our life much before they occur in reality.

In Astrology, gemstones are prescribed by the placements of planets in a horoscope. As indicated by Hindu Astrology, Ruby is prescribed to wear according to the natal chart of the one who wears it. As per Vedic Astrology, Ruby identifies with the Sun, which is the strongest planet in the galaxy.

The Sun administers our physical well-being and energy and decides how we project ourselves, our ego and personality on this planet.

A strong Sun makes an individual extremely fiery and the centre of all attention. If the planet Sun gives great outcomes in somebody's horoscope, the person must wear a Ruby Gemstone to increase the intensity of the properties of the Sun in their horoscope.

Ruby Stone: Placement of the Sun

Ruby is the gemstone that bears the characteristics of the Sun and individuals who have a decent Sun position in their birth chart can don the Ruby to increase the propitious consequences of the Sun.

If the position of the Sun is perfectly place in a person’s horoscope, the lively Sun gives a decent reputation and dignified position to that person.

Solid, stern and powerful physical structure, firm skeleton, sturdy resolution, and self-reliance are the characteristics of the Sun which the one wearing the Ruby gemstone is favoured with.

Then again, if the convincing sun is positioned in the opposite places of the person’s horoscope then the negative powers will negatively affect the life of the one who wears it.

Hence, an expert astrologer’s recommendation is strictly advised to ensure that you are the right person to wear the Ruby gemstone.

The Sun as the Source of Life

With the ascending of the Sun God the wellspring of life, the whole world and all the animals on earth returned to life. In Vedic astrology, it is known as ‘Ravi’. The sun leads the Leo sign and assumes a prominent spot among all the Zodiac signs.

All the planets, stars and signs pivot around the Sun. The Sun is known as ‘Atmakarak Ravi’ that originates from ‘Atma’ (soul) and Karak Sanskrit words. Thus, the Sun is life since it indicates the ‘soul.’

In the Planetary Gemology’s Nava graha arrangement, Ruby gemstone is utilized to improve the forces of the Sun. The Sun is the indispensable life power and speaks to the Soul of the Kalpurusha. A person whose Sun is perfectly positioned in the birth chart will always taste success in life. He/she will consistently be in the spotlight.

The Ruby gemstone isn't for everybody.

AstroKaka examines the appropriateness of Ruby gemstones according to Vedic Astrology for all the twelve ascendants starting from Aries and ending with Pisces.

Which ascendant can and cannot wear the ruby gemstone according to Vedic astrology?

Can an Aries Ascendant (Mesha Rashi) wear the Ruby Precious Gemstone?

Sun turns to beexceptionally favourable for the Aries Ascendant. Sun set in the fifth House/ Ascendant and in Exaltation in its own sign provides miraculous impacts. In these cases, wearing a Ruby gemstone will help one to acquire special advantages particularly if one is in the Government job or service. Sun will likewise give great outcomes in the third house, sixth house, and eleventh house. People with such positioningof the Sun in their birth charts can wear a Ruby gemstone. People with the Sun in the eleventh house in the Aries ascendant should tie the Ruby gemstone around their arm for preliminary basis and then only wear the Ruby gemstone after that.

Can a Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabha Rashi) wear the Ruby Gemstone?

Sun isn't a promising planet for the Taurus ascendant. Regardless of whether it is in Exaltation in the twelfth House, it won't give benefits as one may expect it to. Besides this, it the foe of the Lord Venus Ascendant. Taurus ascendant individuals should avoid wearing a Ruby gemstone unless the Sun is placed in an ideal position from the lunar ascendant.

Can a Gemini Ascendant (Mithuna Rashi) wear the Ruby Gemstone?

Ruby gemstone could be considered for the Gemini Ascendant if the Sun is auspiciously set in the third house or the eleventh house and the Sun’s Mahadasha or the Sub time period is running auspiciously for the person. Additionally, special focus has to be given to the Sun-Mercury combination – the Budh Aditya Yog. If the Budh Aditya yog is taking place in the ascendant, third house, fourth house and the eleventh house then both, the Ruby and Emerald gemstones can be worn by the person for extraordinary benefits and advantages.

Can a Cancer Ascendant (Karka Rashi) wear a Ruby Gemstone?

The Sun turns into a wealth-directing planet in the Cancer Ascendant. The best position for the Sun or Surya in this ascendant would be in the tenth house. If such a unique combination is taking place the one’s birth chart then the Ruby gemstone can be worn. The placement of the Sun in the fifth and ninth house will likewise be favourable for wearing a Ruby or a Manik gemstone.

Can a Leo Ascendant (Singh Rashi) wear a Ruby Gemstone?

Sun turns into the Ascendant Lord for Leo and thus is exceptionally favourable for this sign. The positioning of the Sun in the Ascendant’s fifth house, ninth house, and eleventh house will bring great advantages tothe person wearing a Ruby gemstone. People who have the placement of the Sun as portrayed before should in fact wear a Ruby gemstone forever. Position of the Sun in the third and the sixth house should be taken into account only during the significant period and sub-periods.

Can a Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Rashi) wear a Ruby Gemstone?

For a Virgo Ascendant, the Ruby is not suitable at allunless it iscautiously recommended by an expert Astrologer. The reason is because the Sun turns into the Lord of twelfth house and the Sign of Exaltation and takes place in the eighth house. Albeit, a Vipareeta Raja Yog occurs but still a Ruby gemstone is to be avoided at all accounts. Whatever outcomes the Sun has to offer because of the exaltation it gives onto itself. There is absolutely no reason and need to increase this intensity by wearing a Ruby or Manik gemstone.

Can a Libra Ascendant (Tula Rashi) wear a Ruby Gemstone?

People of the Libra Ascendant should initially observe the position of Saturn and Venus. If these two are not positioned properly or ideally, then only the positioning of the Sun must be analysed to draw a conclusion if the Ruby Gemstone is ideal for wearing or not. Likewise,if the Sun’s significant period is running then wearing the Ruby gemstone can be considered but only when recommended by an expert Astrologer. The Sun in the eleventh house, seventh house and second house can be thought of.

Can a Scorpio Ascendant (Vrishchik Rashi) wear a Ruby Gemstone?

The Sun is a favourable planet for those of the Scorpio Ascendant. It claims the tenth quartile of occupation and is the companion of the Ascendant Lord. People whose Sun is well set in the tenth House, ninth house, sixth house and fifth house should consider wearing a Ruby gemstone.

Can a Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanu Rashi) wear a Ruby Gemstone?

The Sun or Surya turns into a favourable planet for this promising Sagittarius Ascendant which is controlled by Dev Guru Brahaspati. People who have the Sun set in the fifth house or ninth house the the ascendant should wear a Ruby gemstone forever. Only the Sun's arrangement in the tenth, seventh, fourth, third, andsecond houses should be considered during the Sun’s period. Those with the Sun's position in the eleventh, sixth, eighth houses must totally avoid wearing the Ruby gemstone.

Can a Capricorn Ascendant (Makar Rashi) wear a Ruby Gemstone?

Ruby gemstone must be avoided for the Capricorn Ascendant. Right off the bat as it claims the eighth house of misfortunes and mishaps and furthermore it is the foe of the Ascendant Lord. The Sun-Saturn hatred is legendary. The Sun is best pacified here by appeasing the Sun God by offering Surya Namaskar or Arghiya. The Sun's positioning in the fourth and third house can be considered for those who have a keen interest for Hatha Yog, alternate medicines, Occult, or Teevra Sadhanas.

Can an Aquarius Ascendant (Kumbha Rashi) wear a Ruby Gemstone?

During the Sun Mahadasha, the Ruby gemstone must be viewed onlyifthe Sun is positioned in the eleventh house, tenth house, seventh house and the third house. It is advisable to observe the position of Venus and then consult an expert Astrologer to guide you properly.

Can a Pisces Ascendant (Meen Rashi) wear a Ruby Gemstone?

The Ruby gemstone can be considered or thought of if the Sun is properly positioned in its own sign, i.e. in the sixth house or in the second house of wealth in worship. In the rest of the placements of the Sun, wearing a Ruby gemstone for this ascendant isn't important at all.

When to wear and which metal to wear the Rubywith for Astrological Benefits?

The Ruby gemstone or birthstone ought to be worn on Sunday when the Sun is in the Pushya Nakshatra position. Krithika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttara Shadaare the heavenly bodies that are auspicious for wearing a Ruby gemstone. The Ruby must be worn in a Gold or Copper ring around the ring finger after the Pranah Pratishtha-since the Sun line is situated on the mount of Sun which lies on the palm just beneath the ring finger.

If because of some reason these groups of stars are not accessible and it is critical to wear the Ruby, utilize any Sunday when the Shukla Pakshais prevalent and wear it in the daytime.

The Ruby gemstone is an extremely propitious stone and if it suits an individual it gives extraordinary benefits in life. The individual consistently sparkles like the perfect Surya. It is a great stone for Statesmen, those in Government service, Leaders, Healers and Contractors. The Ruby mending properties offer great wellbeing and vision, good blood circulation and a glowing complexion.

Those in whosebirth chart the Sun is poorly positioned with unfavourable outcomes in the Antradasha or Mahadasha should offer wheat on Sundays, perform the Surya Namaskara, recite the ‘Aditya Hridaya Stotra’ of Sage Agasthiya, chant the Surya Gayathri, and offer Arghiya to appease the Sun God. This will guarantee harmony and Prosperity.

The Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Ruby Gemstone

As you all are aware by now that the Ruby birth gemstone of the Sun signifies fearlessness and force. If an individual has the beneficial outcomes of the Sun in their life than the person will be idealistic and illustrious. They will be exceptionally sure, confident and enjoy all the achievements and successes in life.

This birth gemstone has a mending impact on the heart as it works with the blood stream. It slaughters the germs and lessens the contamination. It brings riches, astuteness and wellbeing to the individuals who are born in July.

The ones who wearit can likewise be protected from foes, enemies and will be self-reliant and independent. Lung disease, spine-related issues, hypertension and diabetes can be taken care of by wearing the ruby birth gemstone. Wearing the ruby gemstone helps in improving the oratory and communication skills as well.

Those people who are confronting professional or career related issues must wear the Ruby gemstone after proper consultation.

General Characteristics of the Sun

Hindi Name: Manik

Ruling Planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Cosmic colour: Orange-red

Sign (Rashi): Leo (Simha)

Metal compatibility: Gold, Copper

Favourable Direction: East

Finger to wear the ruby ring: Ring finger

Astrological Shape of the Ruby gemstone: Square, Oval, Rectangular

Mantra (Chant): "Om Suryaya Namaha"

Caution: Those who wear the ruby gemstone must not wear a Diamond, Blue Sapphire, or Gomedh stone along with it.

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