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Daily Panchang 11 October 2020 for Today

Daily Panchang 11 October 2020 for Today

Today is 11 October 2020, Sunday, the Navami day of Krishna Paksha of Ashwina (Adhik) month. Vikram Samvat is 2077 Pramathi. The Sun is present in the southern hemisphere in the Dakshinayana state. It is the autumn season as per the Hindu Vedic Calendar. Navami Tithi will remain prevalent till 05:55 PM after which the Dashami Tithi begins. Today, Surya Nakshatra will prevail in Chitra. Surya Rashi will be prevalent in Virgo, while the Moon will stay in Cancer sign.

Sunrise: 06:22 AM in the morning
Sunset: 05:59 PM in the evening

Moonrise: 01:08 AM of October 12
Moonset: 02:26 PM

Nakshatra: Today, the Pushya Nakshatra will be continue till 01:22 AM of October 12 after which the Ashlesha Nakshatra will begin.

Yog: Siddha Yog will continue till 10:57 PM after which the Sadhya Yog begins.

Karana: Garaja Karana will continue till 05:56 PM in the evening and then the Vanija Karana will begin and continue till 05:25 AM of October 12 after which the Vishti Karana will begin.

Today's Auspicious Time (Shubh Mahurat)

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