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Weekly Horoscope 12 October to 18 October 2020

Weekly Horoscope 12 October to 18 October 2020


This week you will move at a slow but steady pace in work, as well as have a desire to strengthen your position on the family and professional front. In the beginning of the week, you will have more enthusiasm and energy. You will be ready to complete every work with eagerness. Property decisions or documents require some caution. You may also be interested in activities like stock market and investments. You can benefit if you plan ahead by planning at the right time and working at the right time, but stay away from greed at present. There may be opportunities for increase in daily income. Students will be interested in studying, but you can spend time here and there. Special care has to be taken to ensure that time is not lost. The middle of the week is perfect for your love affairs. If you are single and planning a wedding, your dream can come true. You will feel a lot of strength and well-being in the middle of the week, but in the last phase there are likely to be some minor problems. If there is a disease from the past, it can re-emerge during this time.


There may be some obstacles and hurdles in professional life related to teamwork or contract work with someone. However, due to dedication to work, there will be no problem in maintaining your current position and place. There can be benefits in work related to religious institutions. Weekend will provide economic stability and good results. Rank can also increase at the professional level. People around you will respect you and your fame will also increase. Speaking of students, the present time will be better for them. They can expect good results in any activity related to internal examinations and general studies. However, do not be overly ambitious by being overwhelmed by this success. At the beginning of the week, you are advised not to be sentimental. Married people will have to work hard to improve their marriage. Be patient in any delicate situation in the middle of the week. One has to be polite in relationships with family. The latter phase will be better for love affairs. There is no need to worry about health at this time, but on the last day you will feel tired and there will be a possibility of stomach problems.


At the beginning of the week, you will focus a lot on the financial gain and you will also get success in it. In the first phase, especially if you want to borrow money from somewhere or create new economic sources, then try. A positive result can be found in it. Employed people will be able to easily beat their enemies or those who beat them back. The idea of changing job may come in your mind. Take special care that there is no loss of your position in the company. On the professional front, you will have the desire to complete the tasks at a fast pace due to high enthusiasm in you. Traders can benefit at the beginning of the week. This week your relationship with your spouse will become stronger. There will be ups and downs in love life. Now is a good time for students. You can make good efforts to prepare for a particular exam. At the end of the week, due to some adverse effects of the planets, your mental state may be disastrous. During this time you will also have physical weakness, this can increase health problems. If there is any problem now, do not panic. There will be a lot of possibility of running a fever or sudden rise in body temperature.


At the beginning of the week you will pay more attention to yourself and can spend specially on fulfilling your hobbies. You will be able to focus even more on the professional front. You will be more planned and disciplined in your tasks. There will be a lot of enthusiasm in the business related to foreign or distant places. Your communication and speech will be very effective in the middle of the week. Your attention will be more in matters related to children. With most planets having beneficial effects on you, you will be able to complete all the tasks easily with feelings and inner satisfaction. You are likely to make long term investments at the end of the week. Any new opportunity can be found. This week is good for love life. At the end of this week, you will be able to tell someone about how you feel. Love affair with your spouse will be strong. Students' dedication to studies will be good, but you have to work harder than usual to understand any subject. Overall, the relationship will remain sweet. Time is good for expressing love amid this week. Taking care of health, should also avoid overeating. Excess of food or labour can cause digestive problems.


If you want to buy a new house or property at the beginning of the week, then seek the advice of a knowledgeable person. Your mind is likely to be a little confused. During this period, do not be uncontrollable or in anger, take special care of it. Otherwise, there will be a possibility of disruptions in the relationship. In the middle of the week, your thoughts will be positive and with renewed enthusiasm you can think of a new start in work and life. The middle of the week seems to be the best for enjoying a love affair or married life. This week there is a possibility of meeting a loved one or exchanging gifts. You will not hold back from spending for your enjoyment as well as for the happiness of the person in your life. In the last phase you will focus more on income. Employed people may get a new target this week. Traders will also be in a position to do some special work to further their business. This week, your spouse will get support in work. It is more likely to have an effective communication with friends at the end of the week. Students have to pay more attention to studies in the beginning. This week will be moderately fruitful in terms of health.


In the beginning of the week, your body will be healthy and you will be happy with your mind. Due to progress in love relationship, mind will remain content and internal happiness will be found. However, your attraction towards someone else may increase. Take care not to go on any wrong path in high enthusiasm. Especially the middle of the week is about saving your relationship. In the last phase, intimacy will increase between you and partner. In the beginning, you will have a good time for financial matters because of earnings and profit. Traders should be careful in economic transactions in the middle of this week. Business will run at a normal pace, but do not expect to make much profit in it. In the last phase, one can spend money for a particular thing. The atmosphere of the house will also be peaceful in the beginning and the last phase and you will progress on the professional front. The present work will be completed well. There may be some obstruction in daily activities in the mid-week. Student natives are advised not to be over-zealous or over-confident. Do not be negligent about health.


You will get fame in the job at the beginning of the week and opponents will be surprised due to your perseverance and skill. There will be expenditure on buying new items in the house. This will make your life very comfortable, so you will not have any complaints about these expenses. There will be a possibility of special economic benefit in the middle of the week. Family will pay special attention to it, as well as the opportunity to participate in a social function. Any on-demand program can be organized at home. A religious program such as a ‘Havan’ can also be organized. You will work on the plan of development and progress of your child/ children. You can also plan to go to a nearby place with your beloved due to your love affair blossoming in this time period. In the last phase, there will be some restlessness in your mind due to some reason, you will like to be alone. The possibility of spending in the last phase also cannot be ruled out. Students are advised to pay considerable attention in studies in the final stages. This week there is no major health problem, but still do not be negligent.


You are getting lucky early this week, Scorpio. At the same time, you will be able to give better performance in any work related to foreign or distant places. Businesses involved in the operations of an import-export or multinational company is likely to get large contracts or orders. Those who are employed are expected to receive the supervision of superiors. You will be very active in professional matters in the middle of the week. There will be innovation and creativity in ideas at the place of work, which can open the way for doing something new. In the last phase, the natives of Scorpio associated with the stock market, futures market, etc. will get opportunities to get small profits, but do not show much enthusiasm in taking any decision. One can get good benefits in the last phase. There is a possibility of closeness with special friends at the workplace. However, on the last day of the week, you will feel tired and restless in your mind. During this time you may also have health related problems. Do not plan to do anything new in this situation. The week is good for students. You can get success in the last week. This week the differences going on with your spouse can also be overcome.


The position of planets in the beginning of the week can take you on a religious journey, Sagittarius. Initially, you will not feel like doing any new work. You will also feel tension in relationships, so you will go to a spiritual place for mental peace and self-discovery. It is important to pay special attention to health at this time. In the second phase, you will be delighted with the news of people living abroad. Your business will also benefit and income will increase. New plans will go hand in hand. Apart from this, financial benefits will also be available in the business. Employed people will implement new ideas. There will be benefit in work related to distant places or abroad. You will meet with friends at the end of the week. There will be a possibility of traveling to the destination with family members. A simple life will be pleasant. Stress going on with spouse can be relieved. Lovers will be showered by love notes and you will be constantly engaged in communication with your beloved through modern means. There is also a promising phase for students. Time is good in terms of health, but negligence in some work can cause you great harm.


Starting of the week in business or job is going to be good, Capricorn. Success can be achieved in your work or goal accomplishment. All your work will be completed easily, due to which there will be no feeling of dissatisfaction in the mind. You can still move to distant places or foreign works. With courage in business, you will be able to start a new plan. If you are looking for a new job, then you might get an opportunity this week. Don't make hasty decisions though. Emotions will make you a little weak in the middle of the week. You are going to be busy with work related to your child. There will be some concern in the issue related to the beloved or spouse, or you may have to give more time to their work. You will experience happiness in your relationship in the beginning of the week but two or three days towards the middle of the week, you will want to be alone. Middle-age is better for spiritual advancement or learning something new in this direction. Students pursuing higher education can benefit in the final stage. With the help of seniors, many troubles will be overcome. Take care of your health if you have skin or allergy problems.


On the professional front, the confidence of employed people will increase in the beginning of the week. There will be profitable discussions with partners in the business in the middle of the week. Employed people will also be praised by achieving goals in teamwork tasks. Do not expect much support from senior officials in the office. Do not fall into pleas while discussing with them. Be careful in signing legal documents. Money will be spent on fun or entertainment this week for the pleasure of the beloved. Your closeness with your spouse will increase. The last phase of the week is good for love life. During this time you will be able to spend a lot of time with your beloved. You will be able to spend a good time with children and family. In the last phase, you will love spending time with yourself in isolation. To increase concentration in education, it is very important to keep self-control of mind and thoughts, if possible- do regular meditation. This week, food irregularity or inadequate sleep can adversely affect your health. There is a possibility of stomach, bowel or leg discomfort.


There will be an atmosphere of joy in the family at the beginning of the week, Pisces. There are chances of marriage of unmarried people. Married men are likely to benefit from wife and son. The first phase of the week is good enough to move forward in love affairs. The first step is good enough to move forward in love relationships. Relations with beloved will be strong. Sweetness will remain in married life. You can also go on a trip to a favourite place with your spouse. At the workplace, the working professionals will get the support of seniors in office. This is an auspicious phase for any major investment, new sources of income, job changes and expansion of business. At the end of the week, the opponents will be left behind. Keep the anger under control though, otherwise the relationship with someone will deteriorate. The last leg of the week would be better to complete a project in partnership work or teamwork. Competitors will be able to prepare well for current affairs examination. In studies, you will be able to give attention at the beginning of the week. There will be health concerns this week, especially in the middle phase. There will be a possibility of accident. Take care of health on the last day of the week.

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